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These two defects make the law of academic freedom difficult to understand.

Students have an enriched educational experience when theyare exposed to a wide variety of viewpoints and styles by differentprofessors, so academic freedom for professors arguably leads tobetter education for students.

Further, the First Amendment protects speech of people, institutions –hence, the First Amendment can only be a possible sourceof individual academic freedom, institutional academic freedom.

Protection against termination of a professor's employment inretaliation for a controversial remark on a political topic canbe accomplished in the employment contract between the professorand university, without the need for a legal doctrine of academic freedom.

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In departments of science, engineering, and medicine,professors are also expected to write research proposals that attractexternal funding for their research, including equipment and supplies,half-time salary support during the academic year and full-time salarysupport during the summer "vacation", financial support for theirgraduate students, and overhead that pays for the university's operation(e.g., libraries and maintenance of buildings).

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I note in passing that the AAUP mixes the concepts of academic freedomand tenure.

Essays are used to learn more about your reasons for applying to the course, university or company and your ability to benefit from and contribute to it. Your answers will let you state your case more fully than other sections of the application, and provide the evaluator with better insight about you and how you differ from the other applicants. In marginal cases, the essays are used to decide whether an applicant will be selected. The purpose of the admissions essay is to convey a sense of your unique character to the admissions committee. The essay also demonstrates your writing skills as well as your ability to organize your thoughts coherently.

Only professors in colleges and universities are properly academics.

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Since I have always been interested in activities that offer opportunities for helping people, I recently volunteered at XXX Hospital. Actually, the purpose of this activity was twofold, both to use my time for assisting the sick and disabled, and to try a hand at working in a medical environment. Both purposes were successfully fulfilled. I really enjoyed seeing that even with my limited knowledge I was able to make a difference in the daily routine of the hospital. My best reward was the grateful smiles of the patients whom I could entertain with my personal stories and divert from the depressing daily reality. As for myself, I would say that these people were also a real support for me as we developed a very friendly relationship that allowed me to share the everyday happenings of my life with these people and make them feel important through giving advice on different issues. In addition, I realized that a medical profession is the best career I could dream of, so comfortably I felt in these surroundings.

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List all your activities for the past four years. Include school activities; awards, honors, and offices held; community services; jobs; and travel. Record major travel experiences. Note your strongest impressions and how they affected you. If you loved the Grand Canyon, for example, write down three specific reasons why, aside from the grandeur and beauty that everyone loves. Describe an accomplishment that you had to struggle to achieve. Include what it was, how you tackled it, and how it changed you.

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Regardless of whether or not the questions have changed (or been reworded), the concepts should be equally relevant. Be creative. Don't be boring. Here are some examples of ways to do that.