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Adams, Ansel and Robert Baker. The Negative (Boston: Little, Brown, 1981), p. 126.

Adams’s mother spent much of her time brooding and fretting over her husband’s inability to restore the Adams fortune, leaving an ambivalent imprint on her son.

As a result of not attending school, the young Adams had a lot of time to himself and he used much of this on long walks around the still wild Golden Gate area. It was here that his life-long love of nature was nurtured and it was possibly this that set him on his path to becoming a landscape photographer. Again in 1916 there was another event that was to be pivotal in shaping Adams future. On a family vacation to Yosemite National Park, California his parents bought him a Kodak Box Brownie camera. He was to visit Yosemite again every year for the rest of his life.

Why is it that photographers loaded with the most extraordinary gear who use the internet to get the exact GPS coordinates of Jack's or Ansel's photo locations and hike out there with the image in hand to ensure an exact copy (illegal by US copyright laws and common decency), that they get something that might look similar, but lacks all the impact and emotion of the original they thought they copied?

Ansel Adams died on the 22nd of April 1984 in his 83rd year

In 1940 Adams Taught his first Yosemite workshop, the U. S. Camera Photographic Forum, in Yosemite with Edward Weston. He lectured and taught courses at the Museum of Modern Art in 1944-1945 and the next year in 1946 he was involved in the establishment of the department of photography at the California School of Fine Arts (later the San Francisco Art Institute) at the time one of the first of its kind.

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Ansel Adams was at times a workaholic, he worked for 18 hours or more a day for weeks on end before eventually going home and taking to his bed. He also consumed large amounts of alcohol, had an intense and hectic social life, had affairs and was for a lot of the time an absent father. He felt that he had to promote photography as a fine art. He took photographs in order to express his creative nature, his inner emotions and not simply to record a scene.

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Writing this as I am, a non-American, I think of Ansel Adams not as belonging to any nation at all.

ADAMS, ANSEL (1902-1984)
"Lower Yosemite Falls." Silver print, 9 1/2x7 1/2 inches (24.1x19.1 cm.), with Adams' signature, in ink, on mount recto and a Portfolio 3 hand stamp on mount verso. 1960

Estimate $3,500 - 4,500

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(Recto, mount) inscribed in pencil, at lower left below image, by Adams: "Moonrise Hernandez New Mexico"(Verso, mount) inscribed in brown ink, at center, by Adams: "For George and Sally Waters. / 1948 [underlined]"; in brown ink, at center, by Adams: "Moonrise [space] Hernandez, New Mexico"

Ansel Adams Full Name Ansel Easton Adams

Ansel Adams was born in San Francisco on February the 20th 1902,the only child of Olive and Charles. The family was initially very well off, but the fortune that originated from Charles' father a timber baron, was lost in 1907. Despite spending the rest of his life trying, Charles Adams was unable to regain the former wealth.

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Arguably Ansel Adams's most famous image, this photograph is titled Moonrise rather than Sunset, even though the moon technically does not rise in the sky. As a scholar noted: The factuality and, moreover, the meaning of the setting sun were rejected by him in favor of the expressive symbolism of the rising moon; of the shining luminescence ablaze with greatness in its primal mystery, dramatically isolated in the infinity of darkness.

Instead of making an unmanipulated print from the negative, Adams selectively printed the sky black and the dark in order to achieve a particular and spiritual transcendence. The photographer's skill and vision transformed the tiny town of Hernandez, dotted with glowing white cemetery and church crosses, into a spectral landscape.

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