Are there CCTV cameras at your school?

If you don't have the cameras in class, would you like them?

Also, I don't think they give you enough choice."Millie, 11, Somerset, England"We don't have the cameras in all rooms at school yet, but I don't think it's a good idea because you don't get told where they are and if you don't trust the members of staff who are looking at the CCTV screens then they could use the videos for different things and not what they are meant for.

I disagree with them being in the toilets and the changing rooms because they are the only places in the school that you should have privacy."Lottie, 14, Oxfordshire, England"There are cameras in my school.

It will help stop bullying and people might behave better."Jade, 12, Derbyshire, England"I think it's a great idea because I feel safer at school knowing that if anything bad happens, teachers can know exactly what happened!"Tom, 11, London, England"I think they shouldn't have CCTV in school.

Or do you think the cameras are an invasion of your privacy?

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The school where my mum works has just had 14 computers stolen.

We ought to be trusted, and there are other, more effective surveillance methods such as actual people on patrol."Claire, 14, Devon, England"In my school, they are everywhere.

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And I don't like the idea of being watched in classrooms, only at the entrance of the school."Lucy, 10, London, England"I think that CCTV is not OK because children need privacy, too."Lauren, 11, London, England"I think CCTV cameras are a bad idea.

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They are just there for our protection and we don't notice them, anyway."Daniel, 12, Wigan, England"My school has CCTV cameras, but I don't notice it normally.

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It's a disgrace; it's like Big Brother is watching our every move!"Richard, 14, Cardiff, Wales"There are cameras in my school and they're not a problem.

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People need freedom and their own space!!!"Georgina, 11, Cornwall, England"I think it's bad because no-one wants to be themselves and teachers sort of use it as a threat."Libby, 11, Ireland"I think it is fine to have cameras in classrooms but in the corridors and even toilets is a bit much!"Emma, 12, Worcester, England"They put them in our school toilets!!!!!

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Since being at secondary school, I haven't had any problems and I think CCTV should only be used by staff if they are suspicious of any bad behaviour, but not in toilets - what pupils do in the loo is their own business!"Grace, 15, Birmingham, England"In my school, we have cameras absolutely everywhere.

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I'm glad my school hasn't got any cameras!"Kerry, 12, Worcester, England"We have them all over our school and they are pointless and they make you feel like you are in a prison!"Lara, 14, London, England"I think that CCTV cameras are good in schools because they keep children out of trouble, but some people try to put paint or something on them to cover them up."Finlay, 14, Leicester, England"I think CCTV cameras are a great idea as they will improve the pupils' behaviour, but the staff and pupils should know where they are placed so that they are aware of what is going on."Fams, 13, Blackburn, England"I think that they are a good idea because this will improve behaviour.

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CCTV cameras are needed more in secondary schools than in primary schools."Sarah, 14, Northern Ireland"No, because school wouldn't be fun because you're being watched all the time and can't be yourself."Drew, 12, Northampton, England"I would have found CCTV in playgrounds very useful at primary school because I was bullied a lot.