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A man that violated this law in the Doctrine and Covenants, 1835 edition, until the acceptance of that revelation by the church, violated the law of the church if he practiced plural marriage. Yes sir, he would have been cut off from the church, I think I should have been if I had. Before the giving of that revelation in 1843 if a man married more wives than one who were living at the same time, he would have been cut off from the church. It would have been adultery under the laws of the church and under the laws of the state, too.

By 1850, Mormon leaders were sharing their lies about polygamy to an international audience. At the time he published his tract, wherein he quoted verbatim from the "Article on Marriage," Taylor had seven wives. And, to repeat—the "Article on Marriage" was republished in the —twelve years after Brigham Young publicly announced plural marriage in Utah in 1852.

The evidence is over-whelming that Joseph and other church leaders lied about practicing polygamy. In the one instance where Smith hinted publicly of an approval of polygamy, it caused such an uproar among church members that he quickly issued a clarification stating that his remarks had referred to "former times," meaning Old Testament events. Details:

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Critic's comments: Why did the prophet of the Church say that polygamy was not doctrinal? It is still in the Church's scriptural canon, D&C 132. Hinckley makes it sound as if it was either a mistake or practiced for reasons unrelated to religion. Surely he knows why it was practiced. Also, he makes an issue that polygamy is not legal today (as practiced by the fundamentalists). That's correct but it was not legal when the LDS practiced it in the 1800s either. He wants everyone to believe that polygamy was legal when the Latter-day Saints practiced it in the 1800s but that is illegal now as practiced by the fundamentalists. As shown , this is untrue. It was always illegal—from Joseph's first plural wife in 1833 through the 2nd manifesto in 1904.

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The main reason polygamy was practiced by the early Saints is that it was commanded of by God. This doctrine was revealed to the Church through the prophet Joseph Smith. It has always been preached that polygamy is an eternal doctrine and will be in force in the next life, even if the Saints are not able to practice it currently in this life. The above statements are not disputed by active LDS. This makes Gordon B. Hinckley's comments confusing when he is asked about polygamy by Larry King on the Larry King Live show, aired September 8, 1998.

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It's ironic that Kathryn Daynes' presentation is archived on the FAIR website, because the extremely vocal apologist and major FAIR contributor Daniel C. Peterson has boldly asserted in past conversations that if any Mormons or Ex-Mormons are ignorant of the details of Mormon polygamy, it's their own fault---because, according to Peterson, the church doesn't hide that information.

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And the manifesto itself was issued only as a ruse to fool the government into believing that church leaders honestly intended to end the practice. In actuality, polygamy was taken underground and practiced in secret for about another 15 years, until the embarrassing revelations of new plural marriages during the Reed Smoot hearings forced President Joseph F. Smith to issue a "second manifesto" in 1904.

Home "It is hard to imagine any other group of people in the United States today who could be so crassly maligned in a public setting without arousing immediate protest."

Why did God allow Joseph Smith to secretly practice polygamy from 1833 until officially announced in 1852? What type of God allows the Prophet Joseph Smith to publicly deny practicing polygamy when God wanted the practice restored for all to practice? Why didn't God warn the Prophet Joseph Smith that he would be killed by a mob if he ordered the destruction of the Nauvoo Expositor in order to cover up and conceal his practice of polygamy? If an angel with a sword can appear to him to force him to practice polygamy, why couldn't the same angel warn Joseph that he shouldn't destroy the printing press because it would lead to his death?

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In the face of the Joseph Smith model, the hypocrisy of this practice is utterly overwhelming. My personal experience sitting in Bishopric meetings and High Council meetings as a so-called "judge in Israel" where these uninspired and arbitrary punishments were meted out taught me very well what hideous farces they are. Instead of facing up to the falsity of polygamy, the Church prefers to continue lying about it. The most recent lie can be found in the 1999 Priesthood Lesson Manual where the Church is clearly trying to make people believe Brigham Young had only "two" wives and that he was not married to both of them at the same time. I suppose the fact this dishonest effort illegitimatizes the marriages of all those other wives of Brigham Young and bastardizes the children he had by them doesn't matter. Protect the image of the Church. That's the mantra of the day. If the truth must be sacrificed in the process, so be it.

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Also, the church didn't stop practicing polygamy because it was no longer an economic necessity, as Daynes falsely opines. Rather, church leaders were dragged kicking and screaming against their will by the federal government to end the practice. The government seized the church's assets and threatened to auction them off. That was why Woodruff issued his "manifesto."