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The governments along with the people and the Catholic Church all have different views on polygamy.

"The Beauty and Nobility of Live" has several related themes. On the one hand, it critiques many aspects of contemporary life that attempt to extinguish that radiant "Gleam of Light" we all possess and turn us into powerless servants of the status quo: mindless conformity, excessive consumerism, disrespect for ourselves and others, disrespect for Nature, and narrow-minded, fall-in-line thinking. In response to this, the book focuses on the Sanctity of the Individual, the Magnificence of Life, Unity with each other and with Nature, and the Oneness of Creation. In a time of so much anger, divisiveness and hate, it emphasizes Love, Compassion, Creativity, Learning to Think for Oneself, Standing up to Power, and Intuiting Higher Levels of Life beyond what can be seen, heard, or touched, in order to Transcend our Limitations, and discover our true place in this Marvelous Universe.

Note: Beginning in 2013 the Church started releasing essays addressing seldom talked about issues in the church. Three of those essays concern polygamy:

Colonialism began in the 1500s; the process works by a mother country using the colony’s natural resources, money savings and their lands to overpower the dependent country.

Here we will examine the practice of polygamy in Islam and those laws which govern its legality.

"A pioneer in the field of behavioral science delivers a groundbreaking work that shows how finding your purpose in life leads to better health and overall happiness.

This paper will be focused strictly on the debate over polygamy.

These beliefs are not just relegated to teachings of naive Sunday School teachers decades ago. In 2012, during the Romney campaign, my ward had a combined Priesthood/Relief Society session where stake leaders went over how the Church was perceived by the media and how we could combat the negative perceptions. A regional "media expert" handed out a pamphlet that described ways to address a handful of sensitive topics. It proposed that one reason for Polygamy was that the Church needed to increase it's membership rapidly as it's members were being persecuted. Clearly misinformation is still taught as truth and without clear, consistent correction from the highest leadership, members perpetuate it.

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The first essay told us how the church arduously stopped polygamy, but didn't talk about Joseph Smith very much.

The 2014 essays have done little to extinguish the continual downplaying of polygamy and efforts to keep members and non-members from knowing the disturbing facts. Unfortunately, this post from Mormon Discussions is all too common:

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On FAIR's review of MT's polygamy section, they continue to ask if it is the church's fault because the members believe erroneous things about how and what the saints believe about polygamy when they cite a few LDS sources that tell the truth about those misconceptions. Well yes, it is the church's fault because, although the apologists may read obscure, LDS scholarly articles, the average member does not read or even know about those kinds of things. Most members get their information from what they are taught, rightly or wrongly, in church and from reading The Ensign as well as conferences. If the church really wanted all of its members to know to stop believing the explanations that make polygamy acceptable like it wasn't illegal, they could solve this very easily by clearly teaching it in the manuals (not making members extrapolate the information) and by publishing clear articles covering these issues in The Ensign. FAIR may blame the members for being ignorant but MormonThink does not.

Polygamy essays

While growing up, we were all somewhat embarrassed when someone first found out we were LDS and cracked the inevitable multiple wives jokes. We covered for it the best we could saying the things we were taught in church such as polygamy was practiced by the early saints to provide husbands for widows that had their husbands killed by anti-Mormon mobs, there were more women than men, it was an economic necessity, polygamy was not illegal in the 1800s, etc.

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But here we have an alleged BYU history professor, Kathryn Daynes, giving a presentation at a FAIR convention wherein she repeats the same discredited myths and justifications for polygamy that we were falsely taught while we were Mormons. And FAIR is responsible for perpetuating those lies by archiving Daynes' deceitful remarks on their official website. So we have the liar Daynes being supported by a pack of liars---the admins of FAIR."

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And the manifesto itself was issued only as a ruse to fool the government into believing that church leaders honestly intended to end the practice. In actuality, polygamy was taken underground and practiced in secret for about another 15 years, until the embarrassing revelations of new plural marriages during the Reed Smoot hearings forced President Joseph F. Smith to issue a "second manifesto" in 1904.

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Also, the church didn't stop practicing polygamy because it was no longer an economic necessity, as Daynes falsely opines. Rather, church leaders were dragged kicking and screaming against their will by the federal government to end the practice. The government seized the church's assets and threatened to auction them off. That was why Woodruff issued his "manifesto."