To understand the pros and cons of immigration, read on.

Mexico then approached the U.S., seeking to form a similaragreement with them.

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Currently we have telescopes that can see objects light years away, satellites that can track you around the planet, cars that adjust the seat and steering wheel to separate drivers, and computers that fit in your hand and perform a million calculations a second.

Other names for this term are foreign assistance, financial aid, and overseas aid.

Even though the USA and other Western countries give a lot of money to underdeveloped countries, they have ulterior motives; thus foreign aid is not a totally good thing and it can even be a bad thing....

This list provides a range of such essay topics you can choose from.

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Read this Buzzle article for an overview of the pros and cons of artificial intelligence.

corn from the World Food Programme (WFP) at the Ngodzi distribution center near his village, carrying home the 110-pound bags tied to his bicycle (Harman)....

In 2007, $42 billion was spent on the marijuana prohibition.

We've managed to do well after mass production took form - that cost jobs - and the computer age where many tasks were automated - also cost jobs - and left people with "empty time"?

Pros and Cons; Multilingual Children's Association

The Japanese provide Americans with jobs by reopening vacant manufacturing plants, they purchase land which American firms have passed over and they also finance our huge budget deficit....

A look at the effects of foreign aid from rich countries on developing countries. This article looks at the low quantity and quality of aid from donors.

It gives a good insight in why your points aren't basically wrong, but a projection of a human image onto a machine, which leads to unreasonable fears.

The Pros

Another problem of communicating with people who speak different languages is there are many words that have same meanings or similar meanings, or even a word has several meanings.

The Pros and Cons of Corruption

Foreign aid—or in the context of this paper more specifically Official Developmental Assistance (ODA) as defined by the Development Assistance Committee (DAC) of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)—has long been a cornerstone of a developed nation’s international policy agenda but has been openly criticized as a modern for...

What are the advantages and disadvantages of foreign Aid to developing countries?

Had the government accepted more foreign aid and further prepared for the storm, hurricane Katrina may not have proved such a disaster in our nation’s history....

Pros/Cons of Outsourcing as Foreign Aid ..

The United States need to give money to support the domestic impoverished rather than supporting developing foreign countries because the poverty and homelessness in America is increasing faster than the aid...