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For schools that simply ask for a statement of purpose, the essay is challenging.

During its inception and much of its history, deliberation over how psychology should be defined and what it should encompass filled most of the scholarly printings and closed-door discussions.

Keepit positive. Do not write negatively aboutyourself or your profession or anyone else! If you need toexplain a dip in grades, do so briefly and objectively; do not belabourwhatever trauma/situation caused the problem. Also, do not tosaythings like "I went into psychology because I couldn't cut in organicchemistry, thereby destroying my dreams of being apediatrician." Always find the "positive" (meaning not negative, not meaningridiculously idealistic) way of communicating the sameinformation. For instance, another way of expressing thepreviousexample is -- "Though I'd planned on becoming a pediatrician, I foundthat adolescent psychology provides the sort of sustained, personalcontactwith teens I really crave as part of my career."

Detailssell. Lists do not. Do not rehash yourresume. Instead, choose a few experiences that wereparticularlymeaningful and/or can illustrate qualities that you want theadmissions committee to know. To succeed as illustrativeexamples, experiences must have the following 3 parts (you can't expectthe readers to fill in missing parts -- they have too many essays toread to spend time performing literary interpretation):

Not sure how to write a statement of  purpose for grad school?

In many ways, your statement of purpose is like a much longer cover letter, written in essay form. The format of the personal statement will vary according to school, academic discipline, and program type. You may be asked about your reasons for applying to the program, your professional goals, experiences that have influenced your development, or role models that have had an impact on your life. Regardless of the question, your personal statement should reflect some knowledge of the particular school and department that you are applying for. This is where all your research really starts to pay off; a statement that shows familiarity with the goals of the program and the interests of the faculty will stand out from a sea of generic statements.

Steps for writing a statement of purpose

You may only have to write a few paragraphs, or you may have to respond to several questions in a series of well-thought-out essays. Remember that this is your chance to shine! By now you should have a clear idea of why you want to go to graduate school; this is your chance to explain that in your own words. You should convey knowledge, enthusiasm, and draw a clear connection between what they are looking for and what you have to offer.

In our minds, this defeats the purpose of seeking a higher education.

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The graduate school application section contains resources to help you through the process of applying to graduate school. This section contains an overview of applying to graduate school, words of advice on writing graduate school profiles to help with your decision making, drafting a graduate school personal statement, and the etiquette of requesting references.

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This ought to easy, but applicants often miss this one. Ifever there were a time when you wanted to impress an audience with howwell you can read and understand directions, this is the time. So, readquestions carefully and answer what they ask for. Stick to word/pagelimits!! Some schools have brief, veryfocused personal statement questions, some have vague questions with nopage limit guidelines, and still others favor a series of essays ratherthan a single statement. Whichever the case, the key to keeping calm isselecting potential schools early and getting together all theadmissions material you need. Since it costs nothing to get thematerials, go ahead and gather any school which legitimately peaks yourinterest. Then, at your leisure:

Your graduate school admission essay or graduate school personal statement is important. Get help with your graduate school application essay.

How to Write the Perfect Physician graduate essay format Assistant School Application Essay; The Physician Assistant Essay and cause and effect research paper topics Personal Statement ….

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For students applying to business, law, medical or graduate school, the application essay is more commonly referred to as the "personal statement" or "statement of purpose".

Graduate School Sample Essays - Admission Essay, …

If you are thinking of applying to graduate school, you might have a need for a statement of purpose (personal statement) to accompany your formal application.

Graduate School Statement of Purpose Sample

The resources in this section will help you prepare your graduate school application(s). This section includes an application-planning timeline, advice on researching and choosing a program, a summary of needed materials and how to develop them, rhetorical principles for building a statement of purpose, and suggestions for how to handle competing offers.

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This section details what to look for in a graduate program--both on a personal and professional level. Personally, you need to consider location, community, campus culture, and other non-academic issues that will affect your happiness. Professionally, you need to figure out your research interest, map the field, research the faculty you’ll be working with, understand your funding package, calculate work requirements, and analyze research resources.