[SS - 1] There are many foils of the main character, Hamlet....

[SS - 1] In this piece of work there are many characters that contribute as foils.

An imaginary person that inhabits a literary work. Literary characters may be major or minor, static (unchanging) or dynamic (capable of change). In Shakespeare's , Desdemona is a major character, but one who is static, like the minor character Bianca. Othello is a major character who is dynamic, exhibiting an ability to change.

One of the foils important to the play is Laertes. Although Laertes does not appear often in the play, he brings much to the plot and to Hamlet's character....

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Hamlet appears to be a coward as well as depressed.

By adding significant innovations, Shakespeare creates "three concentric rings of revenge" (Frye 90), depicting an indecisive protagonist who is an intellectual rather than a physical hero, an ambiguous ghost, and several problematic aspects of the play, such as the reason for Hamlet's delay, the confusion of time, and the truth behind Hamlet's apparent madness....

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Ophelia intrigued me as a character, while reading Hamlet I was thinking to myself, was what happened to Ophelia too much for her to handle, or was she this unstable person all along and never really had anything happen to her to help trigger her madness until now....

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Hamlet tells Horatio, his friend that he is going to fake madness as he loses his determination....

The point at which a character understands his or her situation as it really is. Sophocles' Oedipus comes to this point near the end of ; Othello comes to a similar understanding of his situation in Act V of .

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The main character of a literary work--Hamlet and Othello in the plays named after them, Gregor Samsa in Kafka's , Paul in Lawrence's "Rocking-Horse Winner."

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He is good, loyal, and honorable, seeming to possess the greatest virtue of all the characters, yet he still is doomed to die along with the other characters, precisely because of his great virtue.

Character is Destiny in Shakespeare's Hamlet

Madness is at the center of the conflicts and problems of the play and is conveyed through Shakespeare’s elaborate use of manipulation and parallels between Hamlet, Ophelia, and Laertes to contribute to Hamlet’s tragic character....

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Point of view
The angle of vision from which a story is narrated. See . A work's point of view can be: first person, in which the narrator is a character or an observer, respectively; objective, in which the narrator knows or appears to know no more than the reader; omniscient, in which the narrator knows everything about the characters; and limited omniscient, which allows the narrator to know some things about the characters but not everything.

Character is Destiny in Shakespeare's Hamlet Shakespearean tragedy presents the tragedy of a hero in terms of tragic flaw in the character of the hero.

[Romeo and Juliet, III.v.198] Hamlet has a mother, each remembrance of whom is a pang to his distressed mind, and of whose conduct he can only say: Let me not think on’t....

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Rebecca Smith in “Scheming Adulteress or Loving Mother” presents an image of the queen in Shakespeare’s Hamlet that is perhaps not consistent with that presented by the ghost: Although she may have been partially responsible for Claudius’ monstrous act of fratricide and although her marriage to Claudius may have been indirectly responsible for makin...