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Growing up Canadian in a mixed Japanese-German household, Hana Etsuko Dethlefsen is perfectly poised to translate authentic Japanese home cooking to an English-speaking audience. While living in Japan she did just that: her monthly column Forking with Hana helped fellow ex-pats navigate the grocery aisles and keep themselves well fed. Since returning to Canada, Hana continued to share her love of Japanese food by writing a recipe column for Oops magazine and by teaching Japanese home cooking at the University of British Columbia.

Originally from Manitoulin Island, Jennifer Farquhar has lived in France, Japan, and Montreal, and currently resides in southwestern Ontario. She is an elementary school teacher and mother of two young children. Her short fiction has won awards in the Manitoulin Expositor and the Toronto Star. WATERMARK is her debut novel and will be on offer in North America in September 2016, pitch follows: The Gathering meets The Cure for Death by Lightning. Opening on an island in Lake Huron in the mid-1970s, WATERMARK tells the story of Mina McInnis, a responsible girl whose affections are torn between her younger brother David and the fiery Rhonda Doyle, a summer resident whose family owns a private island across the bay. In a moment of weakness and inattention, Mina makes a mistake with tragic consequences. Soon, rumors are circulating among the local Ojibway about an ancient evil in the Great Lake, forcing Mina to flee in fear to Chicago. Twenty-five years later, Mina returns with her son to the island where her family disintegrated, determined to uncover the truth about the Doyles and the tragedy from her past, and the creature that dwells in the cold, dark waters of Lake Huron. WATERMARK is upmarket nostalgia horror that combines a chilling ghost story with a seventies summer cottage vibe, and examines how one bad choice reverberates across multiple generations. Contact:

Eric Foley holds an Honours BA in English and Literary Studies from the University of Toronto and an MFA from Guelph University. He has been a finalist for the Random House Creative Writing Award, the Hart House Literary Contest, and the winner of Geist Magazine and the White Wall Review’s postcard story contests. A regular contributor to the online magazine Numéro Cinq, Eric lives in Toronto. He has travelled through over thirty-five countries on six continents. Foley has completed his first memoir, I WAS YOUNG WHEN I LEFT HOME, now available for consideration.

An unseen hand also pass'd over their bodies,It descended tremblingly from their temples and ribs.

Long enough have you dream'd contemptible dreams,
Now I wash the gum from your eyes,
You must habit yourself to the dazzle of the light and of every
moment of your life.

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Kiersi Burkhart lives and works as a freelance writer and author in Casper, Wyoming. She writes Middle-Grade and Young Adult books that elevate the everyday struggles and triumphs of kids from all walks of life. She and her co-author, Amber J. Keyser, authored the four-book series QUARTZ CREEK RANCH, from Darby Creek/Lerner Books. She is also the author of the heart-pounding YA novel, HONOR CODE which will be published by Carolrhoda Books in 2018. She writes contemporary fiction with a feminist, environmentalist, and sometimes Western bent, as well as fantasy that walks the edge of “edgy.” She runs her own business and loves all animals—even the slithering ones.

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Trina Moyles is a freelance writer, journalist, photographer, human rights activist, and community organizer. Women Who Dig: Farming, Feminism, and the Fight to Feed the World is her first book. It weaves together the narratives of female farmers and farm workers across three continents, from eight countries. A mix of travel writing and feminism, Women Who Dig is a critical look at how women are responding to, and increasingly, rising up against, the injustices of the global food system.

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After seven years working as a high volume mortgage broker, Richard Moxley decided he’d had enough of watching the Average Joe being forced to pay thousands of dollars in excess rates and fees—all because no one had taught them the rules of credit. Determined to create a tool that could prevent this situation, Moxley spent years studying credit reports and working directly with Canadian banks in order to write his book, The Nine Rules of Credit: How to Start, Rebuild, and Always Maintain Great Credit. Due to demand, Moxley started a company called “eCredit Fix” in 2012, which allows him to focus full-time on his passion: helping Canadians fix, understand, and improve their credit. His website, , is designed to empower Canadians to easily improve their credit in affordable ways. Moxley is married, has four children, and lives in Calgary, AB.

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Among his adventures, McKeown has tracked down war criminals and murderers, covered hurricanes and tornados, reported live from the wrecksite of the Titanic and was bitten by a shark – on camera. A graduate of Yale University, in all he’s reported from over 60 countries and several wars, highlighted by his Emmy-winning coverage of the Persian Gulf War for CBS in which he and his crew reached Kuwait City almost a day before Allied forces did.

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In 2001, she moved back to Canada and cartooned, animated, wrote, designed and art directed for the Globe and Mail. She is a recipient of a National Newspaper Award, a Gold Society of Newspaper Design award and a National Magazine Award finalist. In 2011 she began her daily blog, My Life as a Sketchbook: A Visual Autobiography. In 2013 she left the Globe and Mail so she could focus on her own projects: I’m A Girl! and I’m a Boy! published by HarperCollins, a video called My Life as a Political Cartoon, a novel about her Scottish-Canadian great-great-grandmother and a series of children’s financial literacy books.

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His recently completed coming-of-age contemporary novel NORTH FACING WINDOW is about a young man who loses his innocent view of the world when he falls in love with an artist whom everyone else believes is out of her mind.