To put it mildly, they are not heroes at all.

Possibly role models, but for the most part, not in possession of heroic qualities.

Indicate the progression of the essay. Topic sentences may also signal to the reader where the essay has been and where it is headed through signposting words such as "first," "second," or "finally."

Good topic sentences typically DON'T begin with the following.

For example policemen battle crime everyday and when they’re overcoming a conflict they have determination, courage and other traits that people admire them for and that make them as a hero....

To be considered a hero, one must make selfless sacrifices, develop and learn, overcome challenges and temptations, and ultimately present their known world with a gift of any kind.

The title heroic is not given by occupation, rather by achievement.

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How has the definition of heroism evolved in today’s society.

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The traditional anti-hero in contemporary fiction has, in a sense, replaced the more traditional or classical super-hero who is usually the good guy, the one who follows the rules, who always “gets the girl”, who triumphs over the “bad guy,
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please include quotes from the book as a quote and only quotes. also please include…
-in what ways is he selfish?
-what rules or expectations does he refuse to follow?
-are his motives noble in terms of being true to his own convictions?
-are other people hurt along the way?
in what ways is he admired? criticized?
-does he ultimately fail?
-does he in any way find redemption?

People have different perceptions of who their heroes are.

I personally view my parents as true heroes for all they do, have done, and will do.

In literature, the figure of the epic and tragic hero is brilliantly depicted specifically in both The Epic of Gilgamesh and Shakespeare’s Hamlet in a way that maintains relevance over time.

In today's modern times we hear the word hero all of the time.

For example, an essay on whether the government should subsidize farming probably needs to present some information about what types of crops are grown in the area you’re describing, as well as the challenges that farmers face.

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From Odysseus to Achilles, all of the men who were idolized as heroes were so idolized because of their world-altering deeds and conquests, unfathomable wealth, and achievements that would forever be remembered in history.

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Every person has different traits or characteristics that make them who they are, and the characteristics of Natty Bumppo also one of the thing made him an American hero....

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A commonly accepted definition of a hero is, “a man of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his brave deeds and noble qualities.” Odysseus has not shown the noble characteristics of a hero by acting cowardly, barbaric, selfish and greedy in certain situations; such qualities do not deserve such a title....

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Most of the stories have typical heroes, so to speak, that show extreme bravery and courage and often are ready to sacrifice their lives for the good of someone else other than themselves.

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While the fact should be relevant to what you're saying, this is not the place to state the facts that you are using for evidence down in the body of your essay.