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In A Separate Peace by John Knowles, Gene starts off as an innocent boy unsure of his feelings towards his friend Finny but as the book progresses Gene soon comes to realize he’s living under Finny’s shadow with a least amount of sense of knowing who he is as a person.

This moving from innocence to adulthood was contained within three sets of interconnected symbols: summer and winter, the Devon and Naguamsett Rivers, and peace and war.

During the summer sessions, the boys of Devon were carefree and showed no respect for the rules, while the teachers put no effort into enforcing the rules....

"Lord of the Flies Symbols." LitCharts LLC, July 22, 2013.

In the beginning of his all three plays Kalidasa offersobeisance to Lord Shiva and prays to both Shiva and Paravati in the openingverse of the Raghuvamsa.

The summer and winter sessions symbolized Gene’s loss of innocence.

Kirtimukha has its origin in a legend from the when Jalandhara, an all-devouring monster created from Shiva, third eye willingly ate his body starting by its tail as per Lord Shiva's order, who pleased with the result gave it the name face of glory.

In Lord of the Flies, Jack becomes obsessed with hunting pigs.

Lewis, created a beautiful allegory in “The Chronicles of Narnia.” C.S.

Innumerable temples are scattered all over India with the images of Ram,his younger brother Lakshman and his consort Sita, and sitting in devotionalposture is Hanuman, the greatest devotee of Lord Ram.

His vehicle is the swan or goose, the symbol of knowledge.

Ravana misused his power, andto provide deliverance, Lord Vishnu promises to descend on the earth in the form of a man by taking birth asa son to Dasharatha, a king of Ayodhya.

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This ispoetry; but nonetheless, science.

Whatever the origins of Siva's dance, it became in time the clearest image of the activity of God which any art or religion can boast of.

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And lastly, as we look at the backview of the statue, are not the steadiness of these shoulders which upholdworld, and the majesty of this Jove-like torso, as it were a symbol of thestability and immutability of substance, while the gyration of the legs in itsdizzy speed would seem to symbolize the vortex of phenomena.”

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Dussehra is the culmination of theten-day celebrations, organized to exhibit the episodes of the life of Lord Rama. On the tenth day the last episode of Rama's victory over Ravana is shown and theeffigies of Ravana, his brother Kumbhakarna and his son Indrajit are burntamidst loud rejoicing.

Symbols are one of the principle literary devices used by Golding in Lord of the Flies. Golding uses many of the devices discovered by the boys to

And as though to stress the point that the dance ofthe divine actor is indeed a sport, (lila) – the sport of life and death, thesport of creation and destruction, at once infinite and purposeless – thefirst of the left hands hangs limply from the arm in the careless gesture of thegajahasta (hand as the elephant’s trunk).

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As a lovable child, as a shrewd diplomat, as a great sage and even asa fearless man of action, Krishna's personality has fascinated for ages not onlyIndians but also thinkers of other lands.