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The theme of loneliness is a dominant theme in john Steinbeck's

What do we do? Continuing our analysis of Farley Mowatt's The Snow Walker, we seek out for more stylistic elements (other than repetition and parallelism) from his first chapter of this novel. Mowatt's voice/style is pretty sophisticated, and although we know this text isn't age-appropriate for many of our workshop participants' students, we believe this activity works best when you use a text that challenges the reader; thus, we assign the nine-page chapter called "Snow" to our adult learners, and we talk a lot about adapting this activity by using age-appropriate texts with different learners.

Although, as abolitionists, we have a history of disagreements among us, it time to put a stop to our arguments and start fighting for something we all believe in - to abolish slavery....

Why do we do this activity? NNWP Consultant, , says that you can't teach a student to have voice; the best you can as a teacher is give your students lots of opportunities to "try on the voices of others." This makes sense. Artists find their own style by sketching the work of favorite artists. Musicians find their own style varying the songs of their favorite musicians. Why shouldn't it work for writers too? It does; and when you specifically have students imitate a writer's voice (or word choice or sentence fluency--the two support skills of voice), they begin to discover stylistic elements of writing that might become part of their own toolboxes.

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Most of our WritingFix professional development workshops challenge teachers to "make and take" a new lesson to bring back to their classrooms for trying out with their own students. True enough, WritingFix provides a plethora of quality lessons that are ready-to-use, and teachers sometimes don't see the point in making something new when so many resources already exist, but we really believe in the importance of every teacher still designing something for themselves. When you borrow a lesson from our website, you are applying someone else's ideas; when you create a lesson inspired by our website, however, then you are learning about topics at a much deeper level.

[tags: Steinbeck Of Mice and Men Essays]

To help our teacher participants design something that has the potential to transform their classrooms, Corbett Harrison, one of the presenters at our Persuasive Writing Workshop, shares ideas from one of his favorite original trainings: . He challenges the workshop's attendees to consciously design a lesson that--at the very least--makes use of five of the seven elements he discusses. To learn more about Corbett's trainings and workshops, you can visit .

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This experience subsequently helped him set the scene for 'Of Mice and Men'....

The Northern Nevada Writing Project--sponsors of this WritingFix website--hosts an annual workshop on the topic of persuasive writing. 3rd-12th grade teachers join us to discuss research-based ideas that teach persuasive skills alongside voice skills. This resource webpage has been specifically designed for not only teachers taking our workshop but also for any teacher interested in improving their classroom skills and resources for teaching these two important topics. We hope you find our workshop's resources useful, even if you're not taking our inservice class.

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Why a class specifically on persuasive writing? First of all, here in Nevada, the state writing test for eleventh graders must be passed by every student planning to graduate, and the prompts given to our juniors can be either expository or persuasive. Second, we believe persuasive writing is a neglected genre, even though it is clearly embedded in our state standards. Too often, persuasive writing lessons are taught only by our language arts teachers, who only have limited time to focus on this genre because they are teaching so many other genres and modes. We believe persuasive writing is a type of writing that can be practiced in every curriculum area, and we believe with repeated exposure to persuasive writing tasks that our students will be that much more prepared for their high school writing tests. Our new inservice workshop was designed to help teacher participants design thoughtful persuasive writing lessons that would engage students to use their written voices when writing in all curriculum areas.

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Curley's wife is also of great importance for developing the themes of dreaming as well as their downfall, the desire to be free and independent or essentially the American Dream.

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Earn a free copy of the Barry Lane book our class uses: One important theme in our Persuasive Writing Across the Curriculum workshop is teaching voice with lessons that allow student to use a sense of humor. To promote this theme, each teacher participant receives a complimentary copy of Barry Lane and Gretchen Bernabei's awesome book, . In exchange for this book, teacher participants propose an original lesson that we consider posting on this page. Below, you will find several original lessons that were proposed by class participants who are now enjoying their personal copies of Barry and Gretchen's book.

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Solitude, longing, woe, and lament are the usual results of lovesickness, or grieving, and are forms of dealing with a loss of a relationship either physically, mentally, or both.

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Thomas Hardy, author of 'The Withered Arm' and John Steinbeck, author of 'Of Mice and Men both portray the common theme of loneliness in each of these novels.