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To stay off topic, we call them peacocks for males and peahens for females. Thinking about it a little more, bringing in examples of other organisms children will know or learn about gives them a larger context for many things and can establish relevance.

I think BALANCE is the key…. Notice when an extra effort is made for a special event (Wow… you clean up nice!). Or even when one gets a new hair style (Who knew that a hair cut could accent your pretty face?). My kids, now grown, were always complimented on their appearance – I had to point out their generous, loving natures- , latest volunteer work, good grades, good teamship- to others, so they had other things to talk about than the way they looked.

So…your daughter asked you if you thought she was pretty, and you refused to answer, but took her to the zoo to tell her that it wasn’t important?
I’m guessing that’s going to cause a few years of therapy when she is old enough to process that her own mother seemed to not think she was pretty.

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I appreciate that your thoughts made me think as well–about both my past behaviors and my future behaviors. But something that I thought while reading the article is that I speak to little boys in the same way! I always tell them how cute they are, and how much I like their hair/eyes/clothes/way they talk. Would your point of view on this be that we shouldn’t approach any children this way? Or just girls?

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That is just one of the many ways adults reinforce stereo types and condescend to children. I recently stopped asking or guessing childrens ages. It just isnt important but we are always making it a subject of conversation. Adults certainly would feel uncomfortable talking about out age and its effects on health and development. Why do we do this with kids? I remember as a child how adults often exaggerate enthusiasm it just made me think they wernt being very real.

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There have been countless studies, even more theories, about stress and anger and how they relate.

I think these girls need a balance of both. When I was growing up my daddy told me every day that I was beautiful. He still does. He told me I was beautiful when I woke up in the morning, if I was dressed up, and if I ran in from the backyard with my “grass, dirt, and worm salad”! I loved dresses and dolls and barbies and I loved riding bikes with my brothers and yes I loved mud like a little pig. Mud and I were best friends. However, I was not allowed to 1) paint my nails 2) wear any sort of make up 3) dye my hair 4) listen to indecent music 5) watch any TV shows besides PBS or Veggie Tales.

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The funny thing is, my next question for my peers or for those sweet little ones who are so adorable is “So what are you up to?”. We talk about lots of things. The thing is in most of my conversations, dresses and make up and nails are really not the topic of conversation. I have had many conversations with little girls about books, bugs, animals, space, the ocean, singing, art, reading, writing etc.

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It’s so important to teach a girl that it’s not only okay to be smart, but to be proud of it. When I was in college, I clearly remember not telling new guys I met that I was at an Ivy League college because I grew up with the perception that smart girls were somehow less attractive…we really need to make sure our daughters don’t grow up thinking that too!

anger and hatred fills the heart of the child ..

This is a wonderful message and I really hope that if I have a daughter, I can manage these body-centric messages she’ll invariably get from everyone. I wish I could just tell my family and friends to stop doting on her looks all the time…in a tactful way!

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Thank you so much! I struggled with the same things but, when I was 17, I still hadn’t found my voice. It gives me hope that you have the confidence to stand for what you believe in. Keep up the good work!

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Thank you so much for writing this! I am a seventeen year old girl who is constantly plagued by the fact that looks tend to fall in a higher priority to teenage (and sadly younger) girls than does intelligence or personal accomplishments. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve struggled with adults when I was seven, let alone teenaged, as I tried to insert my opinion on the world or nearly force them to ask me what I was reading. So thank you for giving me a bit of hope that women who still believe in the power of females still exsist out there! I work with younger children on occassion and I always try to ask these questions because really, male or female, physical attractiveness needs to diminish as a factor of value.

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Every little girl is beautiful because yes you are looking at her physical outward appearance but inside of her she’s got a beautiful heart, a beautiful brain, a beautiful soul, etc. I understand that some people put way too much emphasis on the beauty and not enough on the brains but I don’t think it’s right to separate them. And I am a person who thinks that everyone is beautiful. Literally.