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To be completely honest with you I am smoking right now as I am writing this.

The time has come for reasonable people to rise upagainst the government and to force them to justify the reason foroppressing pot smokers and drug addicts.

The time has come where We the People have to stand up to the governmentand tell them that we are no longer going to put up with the jailing andoppression of pot smokers and this artificial war on drugs.

Though smoking in hospitals is currently not permissible, the possibility to allow smoking may be brought up; therefore, the inconvenience of cigarette butt littering should reinforce this policy to stay in effect....

I think it's wrong for society to lie to teenagers about smokingmarijuana.

“Nicotine is classified as a stimulus; which temporarily quickens some vital process.” (Liebert Exam 2 Notes) Considering, the major health concerns about smoking or using tobacco products.

2) Smoking raises the levels of carbon monoxide in your bloodstream.

These laws have been successful in protecting nonsmokers, while there are still many cities that have not banned smoking in public, leaving themselves at risk....

Although it may not beapparent, 20% of American teenagers smoke.

In the late 1990’s, the statistics showed that approximately 25% of teens smoke.

Compared to non-smokers smoking is estimated to increase coronary heartdisease by 2 to 4 times, stroke by 2 to 4 times, in men the chance ofdeveloping lung cancer by 23 times, in women approximately 13 times.

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Although knowing the consequences of cigarettes,Pikachu continues to smoke one pack a week.

Smoking is detrimental to the health of all organs in the body.

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Then out of fear of rejection of whatever they use peer pressure to get others to start smoking who in turn get others to start smoking etc… Another reason people start smoking is shear curiosity.

Why do we see teenagers smoking

At some party he decided to try a cigarette because he thought it would be funny to smoke in front of all these people who know him as a straight edge.

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Confident for non-smokers.” This is motto of the Army Reserve Command to cultivate reserve officer training corps student and other youth to realize the harm of smoking.

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And if you are going somewhere where smoking isn'tpermitted, the issue will be how long you will have to go withoutsmoking and if the event is good enough to give up smoking for thatperiod of time.

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Smoking has a long history, and since the era of television it rose in fame, and it became popular and effects children (future legal adults) into thinking that it is cool, without the after effects.

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Remember as a child, watching old films on the television as the character delivers a charming or acerbic line and lights up a cigarette or a Cuban cigar and blows smoke rings wearing the most sharp black dress or suit....