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Thanks for sharing the experience!Does the essay matter a LOT in the admission process?

Applicants for the veterinary technology program must demonstrate an aptitude for, and interest in, a career in veterinary technology. To aid in the demonstration of aptitude and interest, veterinary technology program applicants will be required to complete an essay as part of the application process. Veterinary technology program applicants whose transcripts indicate a possible deficiency in reading comprehension may be required to interview with the Program Manager and complete a test of reading comprehension.

To be considered for admission to International Business College, an applicant must have graduated from or be a potential graduate from a valid high school, private school, or equivalent (GED). When an applicant has not yet graduated, offers of admission are contingent on high school graduation. Applicants are admitted for enrollment on the basis of previous scholastic records as evidenced by a transcript of work completed in high school or in college. If an applicant’s high school GPA is below 1.8/4.0, the application may be taken to an acceptance committee. The acceptance committee will evaluate information on the student’s transcript and may require that the student have an interview with the Director of Education.

Ok, so like ever since like my 8th grade year i have dreamt of going to U of I Urbana and like my GPA is awesome an basically I’m an all around student the only thing that just killed me was my act score and I’m retaking the test and all that but the essay is freaking me out too I’m like a huge shock of spasms inside cause I’m so freaked out and scared of being denied admission.

If you would like to speak with current students, please contact the . Contact information and bios can be found on the . We do not share private alumni or student contact information. However, we do provide several opportunities for prospective applicants to meet both alumni and students. For example, our bring together members of the Admissions Committee and alumni, who will share information about the program and answer your questions. If you are invited to interview, your interview will be conducted by an alum or current student. If you are offered admission, you will have many opportunities to connect with current students and alums.

An offer of admission will be withdrawn ifit is discovered that you did not write your essays.

Hi, I may not go to this school but I was looking into it. I’m a 12th grader living in Memphis scared to death about what I should write in my admission essay. This really helped me out because I didn’t do too much in high school. But this blog opened a new door to how i should write. Thanks so much

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Don’t be scared to death of the admission essay. I would definitely characterize it as more of an opportunity to shine than a chance to fail. Your accomplishments will speak for themselves in the application. However, the essay gives you a chance to expand on who you are and why Illinois (or any other school) is the place for you. At least that’s how I perceive it. Good luck!

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Each applicant must submit an essay about Leadership and on about your Goals.

For admission: If you are recommended for admission, you will be required to immediately submit official academic records issued by the school. If it will take more than 2-3 weeks to receive official, certified documents, you should request them now as any delay in our receipt of your documents could jeopardize your review and timely admissions decision.

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We prefer that you upload copies of your official transcripts or degree certificates with your online application. If you are recommended for admission, you will be required to submit hard copies of the official transcripts and degree certificates by mail.

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For initial review, you may provide a copy of each official document. If you are recommended for admission, you must immediately submit all required official academic documents issued by your institution.

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Once your application has been submitted, you may not make changes or adjustments to the content. The Admissions Committee asks that you do not send additional material other than what is requested as part of the application. However, you may provide an update if you have a change in your employment status or position, if you completed a quantitative course and are providing the grade, or if your contact information has changed. Please send an email to with the updated information.

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We do not give preferences to applicants who received a degree from UC Berkeley. All applicants are reviewed by the same criteria, including your choice of coursework, the rigor of your undergraduate major, the competitiveness of your academic institution, and your grade point average (GPA). Besides your academic performance there are numerous other factors that we consider in admissions including your GMAT/GRE score, professional experience, and letters of recommendation.

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The word count limits for the essays are established so we can see how well you can express your thoughts, points, and ideas concisely and effectively. Please try to stay within the word limits as much as possible. It is acceptable for an essay to be a few words over the limit. However, if an essay goes substantially over the word limit it could be detrimental to your application.